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Day 6

Day 6

Minnesota:  Snowmobile

Alaska:  Snowmachine

At some point in transit between Thief River, mn and Valdez, AK.  The arctic cats snowmobiles turn into snowmachines.  It goes beyond a mere change of words.  The snowmachines get longer and the tracks get much bigger so they can bite into and ride the powder.   The way you ride changes also.  The person on the sled does more then sitting on the front and steering with the handlebars.  Most of the time is spent standing and throwing your body from one side to another to get it to steer the in the powder.  There are many times you could see a person holding on one side of the handlebars with both hands and both feet on one side leaning way out trying to get the sled to tip enough to get it to turn quickly.   These techniques were some of the first things we learned on our practice driving Verne’s snowmachine in some flat powder.  We all got some practice riding in…  and we each of us got practice digging it out when we got it stuck in the powder.
After that funness,  we noticed that wind was picking up a bit.  We got our first session in kiting at thompson pass.   Not enough wind to do much climbing up the mountain, but I had a good session on my 16m old cabrinha and Mike was cruising on this 14m ozone frenzy.

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