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Day 2, 3 and morning of 4

Day 2

We drove down to valdez  It was like 5 hours and driving around the mountains the whole time.  Saw some monster mountains 100 miles away and some huge glaciers that were breaking up over a edge.

We stopped by tailgate alaska and met up with kristen who is working for alaska backcountry adventures that does heliskiing.  Walked around and checked up all the RVs, skiers, and snowboards that are staying up here for a few weeks.

By the time it was getting dark, drove though thompson pass (the goto spot for kiting) and headed down to valdez.  Met up with Verne who is a electrican working nights and crashed on his couch.

Day 3

Road skiing.  We hit up turn around just past thompson pass and skiied down to where the road switchback too.  I had to remember how to ski on the bigger stuff because it had been a few years since I have been out.  But I had a great time.

Later that day, Mike and I headed back to the same spot and skied/boarded down that hill a bit and set up our kiting stuff.  We kited in an area that was almost a large half pipe with some rocks and shrubbery.  The snow levels are way below what this area typically has… and there is a lot of exposed area.  We dinged up our boards pretty good on some buried rocks but it was worth it.  The snow that was there was pretty wet and heavy and was quite a workout to ski in.   The view from that area was gorgeous and it overlooked quite a way down the mountain.  When we were all tired out, we packed up the kites in our bags and finished the run down to the road.  It was a bit harder with the legs tired out from kiting and all the extra weight, but we made it down to the road.  We sat down there for quite awhile before we found someone to pick us up.  The traffic was pretty light.  The 2nd car in our direction had room for Mike and he ran up and got the car and drove it to get me.

Beginning of day 4.

The heli stuff is running this morning.  It had been too cloudy the past few days for the helicoper to safely take people up.  But as of this morning it has been running pretty much constantly.  Kristen’s cabin is right by where the helicopter takes off and you can feel the sound through the floor and see the snow fly around when it is taking off.   The helicopter just left again!

We are on our way to thompson pass to check out the wind and hopefully we will get some good stuff!

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