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Alaska 2011 Video

Still going to upload some more pictures…. but finished a video this weekend!

Alaska 2011 from bryce johnson on Vimeo.

Day 8 – Kiting Thompson Pass

We kited around Thompson Pass with a bunch of other kiters. Practiced doing some little glides down the hill. Long fun day! I climbed with the kite a bunch of the way up little Odyssey.

Mike heading up the hill Crusing Back down I’m that little grey kite a bunch of the way up little Odyssey

Mike practicing gliding

The end of the glide

Heading back up the hill

Day 7 – Snowmaching

We took all the skills we learned the previous day and put them them to work on the snowmachine. 3 sleds 6 people. We went up to the area we skinned up to (the snowkiting mecca) and then we went a bunch further. Lots of time getting stuck and digging them out.

We made it […]

Day 6

Day 6

Minnesota: Snowmobile

Alaska: Snowmachine

At some point in transit between Thief River, mn and Valdez, AK. The arctic cats snowmobiles turn into snowmachines. It goes beyond a mere change of words. The snowmachines get longer and the tracks get much bigger so they can bite into and ride the powder. The way you […]

Day 4 and 5

Day 4

I’m a little behind. Haven’t been about to get a good internet connection and have been busy!

There ended up not being too much wind at thompson pass so we headed down to town to check out valdez a little more. On the way down we checked out a few kiting spots Mike […]