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Big Horn Snowkite Summit

Team MNAdventure (Aaron Saude, Mike Manger, Seth Downs, and me) got together again and took a trip to the Big Horns for the summit. High temps of -10 on many of the days, but good powder and lots of fun!

Hard to say more then Noah here:

And the video Will put together:


Making a Tipi Style Hot Tent

Moved over to new blog here!

Making a Tipi Style Hot Tent

Ice/Water Kiting

Unseasonably warm. The last two days shattered records when we got in to the lower 60s. The nice snow cover we had across the lake was quickly disappearing… only to be replaced with an inch or two of water in some spots. With this change of weather we also go some wind.

I’ve had a […]

Lake of the Woods Trip 2012

Written up by Kate Perkins! Photos by Bryce, Katie, Brody, and Angie.


I think most people thought we were crazy, when they heard what we were doing. We got a lot of funny looks, heading out on the ice, pulling sleds behind us, six people and a dog with a backpack on.

Though I […]

Lake of the Woods trip – Winter 2010

My writeup on lakawa from my solo trip in 2010.